Cheap hotels in Brittany France, the choice of the Grand Hotel de Bretagne

Going away with your family, an unexpected stay, not wanting to miss out on summer vacations, all the reasons are good to choose a cheap hotels in Brittany France. They are even better when they don't deprive you of a comfortable establishment such as the Grand Hotel de Bretagne.   


2 star hotel Brittany France : comfort and sobriety

When you choose a 2-star rating, it's because you know you won't need a sauna, massage, spa, heated outdoor pool or adjoining golf course. What you are looking for is the comfort of impeccable bedding, a view of the sea and the activity of the port. We are also looking for modern amenities such as a large bathroom, flat screen television, wifi. Finally, we expect in a cheap hotels in Brittany France to a restaurant which gives pride of place to regional products, from the soil as well as from the sea. The Grand Hotel de Bretagne, at the Palais, the capital of the island, is the destination that combines all these assets without charging you for services that you will not use. And what if, contrary to popular belief, a nice cheap hotel in Morbihan could be found in Belle-Île, in Southern Brittany?   


Cheap hotel Brittany, the same pleasure of discovering the island

If it is Belle Ile and Morbihan that attract you before the frills of your cheap hotel room in Brittany, then Le Grand Hotel de Bretagne is perfect for you. From the Palais, you have access to all the paths of the GR 340 which, with its 85 km of coastal paths, will be as many opportunities to discover the architectural heritage, such as the Vauban fortress, the beaches or the natural heritage of Morbihan. One thinks here of the island's must-see places such as the Pointe des Poulains, the Goulphar lighthouse and the Donnant beach. From the Palais, the main city of the island, you will not have any trouble to join the others, such as Bangor or Locmaria. Those who will leave for the day will appreciate the possibility to bring lunch baskets proposed by the hotel restaurant. There is really something to feel at home in this cheap hotels in Brittany France.

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