Restaurant Belle Ile: two tables for a treat

In the restaurant Belle Ile of the Grand Hotel de Bretagne, you will have the choice between two rooms, two reasons to come back and enjoy yourself in this authentic place.


Restaurant at Belle Ile, honor to the products of the region

To come to Belle Ile, to sleep in a pleasant hotel, in the heart of the port of Le Palais, the capital of the island, and not to enjoy its gastronomy would be to miss something. That's why the menu, changing with the seasons and the arrivals of the restaurant Belle Ile of the Grand Hotel de Bretagne is perfect. Products from Brittany and flavours from the Morbihan are available in two ways. On the second floor, it is the pleasure of a traditional, gourmet table, cooked with passion by the chef and his team. One takes the time to savor, to discover the blends and the local products, while looking out the window continuously and remaining amazed by the spectacle of the sea. With family, with friends, for private and family events, this address of restaurant Belle Ile is the one to remember.


Restaurant in the port du Palais in Belle Ile, a bistro atmosphere

The table of the restaurant Belle Ile of the Grand Hotel de Bretagne splits in two. If on the first floor the kitchen is traditional, it is more in the bistro atmosphere on the first floor. With a direct view on the sea, it is the atmosphere of the port that we come to pick up with its regulars, its incessant flow of boats. From those who live from the sea to transport and yachtsmen, life never stops at the Port du Palais and you will have an exceptional view to be part of it. You will find typical dishes from the bistro on the menu, a little quicker to eat before leaving to discover the surroundings. Faster does not mean less work. Quite the contrary, since it is always the products of Southern Brittany, land and sea, that are used as a starting point for the plates, or the lunch baskets that the hotel makes for its customers who want to go away all day long. But whatever your way of eating, your restaurant in Belle Ile of the Grand Hotel de Bretagne will always satisfy you.

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